Greetings spawns! With the new year, Timecode is back and happy to announce our 30th CD release.“Android Wave”, Compiled by none other than our long-term stalwart, Tickets. 
Ten surf able sound waves by various artists from all over the blue planet. 

This release contains onetime collaborations with artists as Hujaboy, Terrafractyl, Earworm – the comeback of acts like Lemurians, Menog and Abomination who haven’t released on Timecode for a whileand Audialize, Distant Touch, Sulima, Dillan M and Constructor. 
Adding to that, we would like to introduce the new act Android Spirit. 

Summertime Jam rock filled with a lot of surprises and tested on various dance floors which will get you going like a Looney lobster on paper. 
This digital version of the release contains a previously unreleased Bonus Track by RAZ. 

Keep an eye out for Tickets and Android Spirit’s Album later this year!