Tickets (GER / ZA)

Tickets (GER / ZA)

Tickets is the solo project of Josef-Ashton Summs from Cape Town/ South Africa, currently residing in Germany. He has been a part of TIMECODE Records since his early days and is also working together with his brother Ian (Phyx) as Brethren and with his friend Till (Daksinamurti) as “Android Spirit”. Besides these projects he has been working on many collaborations with various artists within the scene such as Shift, Hujaboy, Abomination, Earworm, Distant Touch, Terrafractyl among others.

Since he started in 2002 Josef can look back to over 100 releases on various compilations on labels like Timecode, Beyond Logic, Nexus-Media, Spectral, Crystal Matrix and others, including, 2 albums and a compilation.

His main musical influence comes from his education in royal schools of London classical music theory. Music opened another side of Josef’s imagination and he soon materialized his ideas in the sounds he is producing till today. So far Tickets has performed worldwide, in many countries such as Japan, Belgium, Finland, USA, France, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Mexico, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden and South Africa for festivals like Boom (Portugal), Alien Safari, Vortex, Fullmoon Festival, etc.

The next album of the maestro can be expected in 2014.