Timecode Records is one of the first South African psytrance labels. Originally founded in 2002 by Artifakt, Phyx and Shift, the label and it’s Cape Town outdoor events set the standard for night time music  (later known and labeled as “Twilight Psy”) and reflected the energy and dynamic of the vibrant South African scene, which had a major impact on many dance-floors and artists worldwide. The next generation soon followed and Timecode became a home for the “New Breed” of upcoming talent as well as established artists, not afraid of experimenting with new sounds and musical directions.

Since its early days Timecode has kept an eye on a certain standard of music-production and also offers the mastering services of The Artifakt. Currently DJs Emiel/Gata Freak and Daksinamurti manage the label and continue in the label’s tradition. After more then 30 CD releases and various digital EPs, the sub-label Sangoma Records was created. It’s intention is to share a new perspective and take a more anthropological viewpoint on music and it’s unique culture.

After a wild decade we still have the energy to provide you with high quality music with all our passion.

Thank you for the good times. Timecode – From the depths of the nether realm they come.

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